10 Ways how caring for your baby can be like caring for a drunk friend

I had heard somewhere that caring for a small baby, is like caring for a drunk friend.. After several eye-opening first months with our newborn daughter, I couldn’t help but agree there…

Similarities between your baby and your drunk friend:

1) They, more often than not, pass out mid- drink
2) They struggle to hold up their own head
3) There is the inability to control bodily fluids
4) You think you’re having a good time, then out of nowhere they start crying
5) When you least expect it, they shit their pants….everywhere.
6) They talk gibberish, but strangely enough, the better you know them, the more you’re able to make sense of what they’re saying (or trying to say)
7) They are drawn to boobs and no matter how often you try to distract them, they can’t stop staring at them.
8) They need your assistance to sit up straight.
9) The simplest objects, such as .. I donno.. their feet, can have them in fits of giggles for the better part of an hour
10) They have absolutely no issue (and seem to quite enjoy) being naked.

One comment

  1. Hehe, so true!
    And in anticipation for next year, I can tell you how caring for our 18 month daughter is a bit like caring for a dog:
    – she gets unbelievably excited as soon as we say “we’re going out”, goes get our shoes and jumps around the coat hanger;
    – she walks around the dinner table from person to person begging for food;
    – she loves playing the ball, but doesn’t quite get how to throw it – yet;
    – she looks at you with these eyes that just make you want to cuddle her 🙂

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