Life Recipe: When you’re the only female at an event

For many women this has happened …. you arrive at the BBQ, a party or an after-work event; look around and realize you’ve stumbled into a ‘sausage fest’. You’re the only woman there (be it as your partner’s plus one, a friend or a team member) and you feel a bit lost. Now, if the situation involved being surrounded by twenty, sweaty, shirtless, handsome firemen.. I’m sure most of us would do just fine and ‘blend in’ if ya know what I mean  😉
But let’s take on a more realistic perspective in surviving an all male event as the only female..


– some knowledge on stereotypical male topics (don’t be fooled though, not all males like cars, boobies and beer… but they can be the ice breakers in a conversation 😉

– a sense of humour

– a good tolerance for flatulence


1) There is the (somewhat off) caricature of being ‘one of the guys’: burping and farting more than they do, telling crude, sexist jokes and pick on the weaker guy in the corner. Fact: Just because you are surrounded by dicks, does not mean you need to act like one… You are still allowed to be a woman, just don’t go braiding anyone’s hair or give them tips on how to accentuate their cheekbones.

2) Woman love to talk about their feelings. How the feeling came about, who was included, why and in what way the feeling resolved itself etc. I’m not saying men are completely dead inside, they too have feelings and talk about them, just usually in lesser words and within a shorter time frame. Sure, share the funny story of how your college roommate came home drunk and accidentally tried to pee in the kitchen bin (but don’t elaborate on how a bad relationship with her uncle, and her deep seeded need for acceptance, is turning her into a possible alcoholic, even though she is, like, so pretty, and could totallygetaheafinlifeifshejuststandupblahblahblaaaa…).

3) If you are there as your partner’s plus one, try to find an even balance between ‘doting girlfriend’ and ‘socially-pleasant-what-a-lucky-guy-he-is vixen’. No, you don’t need to fetch his drinks and stand quietly by his side, but you also don’t need to over-compensate and tell naughty, embarrassing stories about him to his friends in order for them to like you.

4) You may have also heard of the term ‘penis envy’ (which frankly I only find applicable in situations where I desperately need to pee and there are no toilets around). Don’t be envious, it’s not a competition, just enjoy the event and have a good laugh…


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