Seasoned Citizen: sharing some quirks with the Elderly

Whilst staying with my aged and ‘well seasoned’ grandparents during our little Easter holiday, I’ve come to notice a few quirky quirks! Don’t get me wrong, for people late in their 80s they still have amazing stamina and I’ll be damn lucky if I’m running around like they are when I’m that age….

We all grow old and eventually will join them on the sillier side, but here are a few traits I have noticed amongst older citizens, traits that make me adore them even more than I already do (and some I even share at the ripe age of 33 already):

1) The collection of toothbrushes dating back from 1994 piling up in the bathroom cup (unless they secretly have a refugee family living in their attic)

2) In depth, and regular, conversations about bowel movements (often with graphic descriptive feedback) which, for those who know me, is a conversation I’m quite happy to partake in.

3) Within 5 minutes, falling asleep in front of the TV…. but abruptly waking up when someone changes the channel with a stern ‘I am watching that ‘ (even though the movie ended 25 minutes ago)

4) PJ’s before 5pm! (not necessarily a thing just for the elderly as I often find myself in my comfy pajamas well before dinner time)

5) Farting loudly and continuing the conversation as if nothing ever happened, leaving the rest of us struggling to stop our eyes from stinging as we battle the urge to break down in giggles (because no matter how old you are, farts will always be funny)

6) Talking in their sleep (the other night I listened to my grandma ordering a meal and bitching about the waiter while she took a nap)

7) The logic of “you can’t see them, hence, they can’t hear you” when openly discussing someone’s private business whilst the person in question is sitting a mere two seats away.

8) Stopping the conversation abruptly  in order to read the TV guide out loud, in the same manner as if an interesting news story just broke

9) Days of our lives marathons !! (I must say I was quite surprised to find that after missing the last 2 years of the show, Stefano still seemed to be standing in the same hospital lobby explaining his involvement in the kidnapping of Sammy’s baby… I know the scenes can run forever but common!) *slight exaggeration I know, for any soap lovers out there…

10) At times seen as ‘gross’ by some, I find there is nothing cuter than seeing an old couple hug and kiss each other lovingly. Because in this day and age, one must be darn lucky to have someone they love even after 30+ years together.

To all the oldies out there, loving it, and you keep on doing what it is you’re doing!! oldppl

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