Mom and Dad: Thank You

This is a more personal post, but I’m hoping others can relate…

I recently found myself pushing away tears for no apparent reason whilst I was doing the dishes. Maybe it was the hormones that seem to have set up camp indefinitely since the birth of our little girl, or perhaps just my internal bucket that was flowing over that day. It reminded me of a day, when I was about 8, where I found my mother crying whilst surrounded by piles of laundry. There was nothing wrong that day, she was perfectly happy with her life and her family… but she just needed to empty that bucket… and it hit me…. holey cr*p, I’m a parent! And we are going through what they were going through back then!

Being a new mommy myself, I’m learning, every day, to re-appreciate all the things our parents have done for us (and continue to do this day) and just wanted to write this Thank You down for them and all those other parents out there:

1) Thank you for… cradling our head and caressing our hair as we cry in your arms.

2) Thank you for…. making us smile by pulling funny faces and playing games. You looked like complete idiots.. and we loved every minute of it!

3) Thank you for …. wiping our bums as we stood on all fours yelling ‘finiiiiiished’ from the other side of the house.

4) Thank you for … having an elaborate memorial service and burial for every single hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, fish, turtle and mouse we ever owned.

5) Thank you for …. keeping the magic alive by not telling us about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa straight away.

6) Thank you for … loving us anyway when we told you that we ‘don’t like you’ and ‘you don’t know what it’s like to be our age anymore, Gawd!!’.

7) Thank you for … supporting our friends in their times of needs, because you know how much they mean to us

8) Thank you for …not laughing at us as you checked the bed and closet every night for monsters and ghosts.

9) Thank you for …. pushing us in school. Even though we hated you at the time, you made us work hard for what we wanted and that’s a value we truly need in this day and age.

10) Thank you for …. letting me resent you when we moved across oceans. I was unable to see the benefits to come and needed a scapegoat to unleash all the drama.

11) Thank you for …. waiting up the first time we ever go out without a curfew (and scaring the sh*t out of us as we come home and find you reading in our bed)

12) Thank you for …. cleaning up our vomit and holding back our hair as we came home drunk for the first time… and letting the horrible hangover be the main punishment we deserve the next day.

13) Thank you for… taking me to the bathroom after the birth of our first child as i call out ‘finiiiished’ from the other side of the room.

13) Thank you for …. treating us as adults as we grow up and become more confident, but when we experience a great loss or a let-down, you still cradle our heads and caress our hair as we cry in your arms….

Thank You

xo oldies 059

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