“Blonde Moments” : A Small Introduction

As a blonde (both inside and out), I’ve had me some crackers of blonde moments over the years. You know, those moments where you do or say something utterly stupid that seriously make you question your logical thinking abilities. Don’t get me wrong….I can still string a few sentences together and, despite what some believe, I do know where Germany is or how to change a car tire.

But car mechanics and geography aside, that hasn’t stopped me from having some good old fashioned blonde moments, often resulting in me having a laugh at myself (because I just don’t know any better).

Before I go ahead and share some of my favourite ‘blonde moments’, please note that these are a compilation of mine as well as some other friends’ stupidities over the years (as to minimize the image that I’m a complete dope) and that I’m sure more posts will follow…

1) Out in Paris, I was so excited about the cheese platter we ordered, that I dug in and cut me off a big piece and threw it straight in my mouth…only to realise it was a nice stick of butter… for the baguette … not my proudest blonde moment (not the dumbest either)

2) A friend hired a DVD and spent quite some time trying to figure out how to rewind it, before returning it to the shop

3) On many occasions I have been searching for the remote or my keys, only to find it in the fridge

4) A friend who does not like flying (something us blondes have in common), chose a window seat on the plane to, you know… “to be able to get some fresh air”…

5) I have also spent quite a considerable amount of time looking for my sunglasses and eventually leaving the house in a huff without them, only to catch a glimpse of myself in the car window… wearing sunglasses. (Sadly, not a one-off occurrence)

6) When arguing with a friend, someone I know decided to be super cool and spell out her insults… not so cool when she yelled out: “Ugh! You are such a L-O-O-Z-E-R”!

7) Every time, and I mean every.damn.time, I call my own phone to find it or send myself an e-mail as a reminder… I get excited, just for a second, when I see the missed call or new mail. (“Oh yay, a new…*..wait..”)

8) It took me 6 weeks of developing MacGyver- style contraptions to keep the sun out of our newborn baby’s face in her car seat … only to have my father-in-law casually close the sunroof as he entered the car during his visit..

9) My aunt was in a shopping centre food court and thought she saw her sister so she started waving excitedly… the sister wove back and they started walking towards each other…. until my aunt almost hit the mirror she was walking towards….where she had been waving to herself…

10) I have often run into doors because my hand was just not quick enough to open it

11) I just had to Google if it was ‘I have run’ or ‘I have ran’ …


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