“Please hold my hair back”: A Day with a Hangover

Oh My Word, my body is literally shaking… So following my PMS rant the other day, a few girlfriends and I decided it would be a great idea to have a couple of wines at home…. which resulted in the polishing off of 3 bottles, a bag of chips and some homemade guacamole. This morning’s result will haunt me for a good few weeks to come I fear.

You know you’re hungover when…

1) You wake up feeling fine as you rise with a smug head nod humming “huhu, I still got it”. And then 15 minutes pass….. “Oh Dear God WHAT IS THIS !!! The nausea, the headache.. .it’s like a cat pissed in my mouth and someone is swinging me by my feet!”

2) You catch yourself staring at the empty glasses and bottles on your dinner table. Reaching for the bowl with 5 leftover chips..you eat them. in complete silence….just staring …into nothing.

3) You drink 2 litres of water, but don’t pee all day.

4) Sadly, you now know what  5 leftover chips and a Chai latte taste like coming back up.

5) The back of your eyeballs hurt

6) You have Forrest Gump on in the background and you cry every time he and Jenny reunite

7) You curse yourself for thinking you were fine to have that last glass of wine, and you start planning a come-back, healthy, fit routine….. but your head is pounding too hard so you might just go lie down a little instead

8) You try cooking pasta again… and this time you burn it (after the last blog post, you have come to the conclusion that you can do longer cook pasta)… cry some more.

9) You weren’t able to eat anything for the better part of the day, but now that your appetite is coming back you stand in front of an open fridge eating grated cheese, a spoon of peanut butter, some almonds and drink a gallon of milk (because that combination won’t make you sick again uhu)

10) You watch a TV show on Animal Planet where a guy gets his head gnawed on by a grizzly bear … and you can sympathize

11) You can’t string together complete sentences so the evening with your better half is spent communicating with sign language, grunts and single word answers.

12) You swear you will never do this again…..(until you do… because you always do).

As this post was written mid hangover, I apologize for any lame attempts at being funny and will retreat back to my bed now where the blankets and soft pillows have made me their queen.


(pic taken from internet)


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