“Rakatakata..ngghhe”: Why I shouldn’t drink coffee

I am often limited to drinking a weaker latte or, when feeling particularly adventurous, might indulge in a milky cappuccino now and then. Having anything stronger than that, will usually send me into such an energized frenzy *face twitches and everything* I fear I might get picked up for suspected use of illicit substances.

For the sake of ‘being in the moment of the topic’, I gave myself an espresso this morning to write 10 reasons why some of us ‘lesser-tolerant-to-caffeine drinkers, should not drink too much coffee:

1) You answer the door before people knock
No you’re not psychic, but your senses are so heightened now that you heard the elevator ding and footsteps down the hall….

2) You jog uphill on your way to work or meeting friends
Only to find the caffeine wears off and your calves are killing you a few hours after….

3) You don’t remember blinking all morning

4) You walked twenty minutes on your cross trainer before realizing it’s not plugged in.

5) Even the dog won’t play with you anymore because “It’s just too much!”

6) You find yourself skipping words and changing the subj…. oh did I tell you I found the website where…Hey it’s raining!!!

7) I have had to type and re-type every sentence above about 3-4 times so far because my fingers are moving faster than my thoughts…

8) You intend to do a quick vacuum of the floors before heading out the door, but end up mopping, dusting, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the toilets, doing laundry, ironing (even though you never iron) and just re-arranged your entire wardrobe…. all in under 20 minutes.

9) You find yourself laughing out loud for no reason whatsoever other than you’re feeling PUMPED!  WOHOWW!! (Note: people easily get scared off when you do this in public)

10) You tend to skip subjects, words and have random thou… purple monkey dishwasher !

Bottoms up!! nnghheehee



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