Mommy Ruler’s Day Off : 9 Things Mom Gets To Do When the Kids are out of Town (in pics)

For the first time in what feels like forever, I am home alone for two whole days … That’s right… two.whole.days! My darling hunk of a husband took our daughters to see the grandparents, leaving me to venture on my own for a bit.

Since the birth of our second little monkey , I honestly don’t think I’ve had any ‘me-time’ like this for longer than a few hours, so I decided to make the most of it  ….

Things mom gets to do when the kids are out of town: 

  1. Read, Read, Read !!!


2. Shower… in peace 


3. Have the time to blow dry your hair … and feel like a celebrity


4. Take… well…. you know… in peace 


5. Caricature Mani/Pedi 


6. Clean Up … (I mean I know it’s a mini-break .. but I wasn’t raised in a barn !)


7. Still working though …. Gotta make the big bucks ….. (hahahahaahahaaha… well…. ‘bucks’ 😉 


8. Haven’t been fully alone like this for a while … eek!


9. And of course, spending time documenting your time off and turning it into a blog, because even though you’re loving your new-found freedom, you secretly miss those little monkeys and all the time you spend with them… warts and everything 🙂 






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