Putting your New Goals on Paper : A Self-Evaluation Activity

With the Holiday season approaching, it only seemed fitting to pair it with the theme of new goals, new limits and healthy dose of self-evaluation. Often we see the New Year as the perfect party to sign off on the past and start a clean slate where we launch our new and better selves… but why wait until January 1st? What’s stopping you from grabbing pen and paper (that’s right people, we’re going old-school) and sitting down for some serious self-analysis?

Self-evaluation is important because it’s a living, breathing thing subject to change just as much as the world around us. Our goals and the things that are important to us change with time and experience and it’s important to note these down once in a while and perhaps liberate ourselves from goals/limitations that are no longer relevant today.

The questions below will help you in developing your ‘clean slate’ list by reflecting on your past/current priorities and goals. This will consequently help you map out the first steps to take towards reaching your new goals, well before the New Year has even begun. So switch off that phone, give yourself at least half hour to carefully consider your

answers and don’t be afraid to review the list on a regular basis or just to engage in general introspection (self-reflection) to get more out of the upcoming year and beyond…



post picture: Pexels.com


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