The “Tough Cookie Philosophy”: 10 Steps to proactively and positively tackling Life’s Hardships  

I’m a big fan of the “Tough Cookie Philosophy”. Not only because I like cookies, but because it teaches us to tackle life’s hardships proactively. I’m also a firm believer that everyone has a certain level of “tough cookie-ness” in them already. It’s just a matter of unlocking our potential and enhancing what we’ve already got, not what we think is lacking…

A common way to describe someone as a tough cookie is to see them as unemotional and not easily hurt by what people say or do, however, I tend to disagree with such a definition. A tough cookie is very well aware of their emotions (something I’ll elaborate on later) and everyone gets hurt or impacted by others at some point … e-very-one. That’s what makes us human and it’s a strength, not a weakness, trust me!

My book on the Tough Cookie Philosophy © includes more self-evaluation, in-depth exercises, and examples.

Available on Amazon / Smashwords


So buckle up, you tough cookie, and go for the ride – you got this!

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