Book Review: “Arise and Shine” by Frank C. Saliki

Before I dive into my first book review post, let me tell you about the book’s author, Frank Saliki.

When this little blogger (yours truly) decided to start making work of publishing her first book, she was a little lost on where to even begin. Whilst seeking out peers and other published authors, Frank and I stumbled upon each other in a writer’s group online. He happily took me under his wing and shared some of his publishing experiences with me, without even a second thought. He liked what I had to say about my project, and rather than viewing me as a potential competition in the same niche, he gave me real hands-on advice that started my journey to publishing the Tough Cookie Philosophy.

I immediately felt a sense of trust (which is not something easily encountered these days) but I wanted to make sure he didn’t just talk the talk, but also walked the walk….

I bought his book “Arise and Shine” and set out to explore a bit more about this helpful, yet totally random guy, I had just encountered.


“Arise and Shine” is Frank’s own story chronicling his journey from a failing High School Student to a successful University Graduate. Rather than victimizing himself when writing about his struggles at school, his story focuses on how some of these low points were the drivers that got him motivated to start turning his life around. Frank doesn’t come up with any magical solutions or vague advice on how he grabbed life by the horns, but rather, he describes the process he went through in turning negatives into positives; every day at a time.

Along with some well known quotes (because who doesn’t love a good quote to get us motivated) and original examples through storytelling and experiences, Frank explains to his readers how he himself applied these to his own life, and shows us how we could do the same ; but in our own meaning.

When reading the book, at no time whatsoever, did I feel Frank was trying to sell me an idea or be condescending in his lead-up to success as a radio host and public speaker. I read his stories like I was there, and this guy was genuine, passionate about self-improvement and loved looking deeper into life. Essentially, he’s the real deal when it comes to wanting to help people develop themselves further, and his manner and way of writing allows us to do that in our own manner – no pressure, just passion and support.

Frank’s terminology like  ‘victor of circumstance’ (instead of victim) are only a few examples of how he’s built up his resilience throughout the years and continues to share and encourage that resilience in others.


Tough times don’t last, but tough cookies do…. and Frank himself (and his book) sure are a great example of that !


More info on the author:

Check out the book for yourself  HERE


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